Content Partnerships - White Labeling the StoryMD Platform

Partner will Brand the StoryMD platform and get the best-in-class professional and consumer education health content with links to best-in-class local treatment

StoryMD’s strategy extends beyond individual users looking to optimize their healthcare outcomes; by partnering with local media and healthcare providers, StoryMD proposes a sustainable model that leverages high-quality content to transform patient education into a tool that serves the local health care providers and their patients.

The impact of this strategy has the potential to be seismic for all stakeholders involved. We are not just handing the media and Healthcare Enterprises and their medical providers’ content, we are handing them the conduit for connection—a means to link the best health content to the best local treatment.

The new model of health information provides you a complete AI driven ecosystem with:

  • Trusted POC information for the doctor that seamless extend to the patient and their caretakers
  • Connects you directly to local healthcare professionals who service your condition
  • Personalization technology that lets you collect, track and understand all your medical records.

As the landscape of healthcare continues to evolve, StoryMD is at the vanguard of asynchronous digital hand holding, with a focus on personal health literacy and a mission to bridge the divide between patients and providers.

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Whether you are a…

White Labeling the StoryMD platform will have a valued impact on those you serve. Already partnering with:

Media Distribution Partnership

White Labeling by Media and Medical Enterprise Partner

StoryMD will create and host a subdomain for our Media and Healthcare enterprise partners to provide resources to educate their clients and link the specific therapeutic content to the local diagnostic and treatment services.

    To Promote the Content StoryMD offers the launching of the content via:

  • Journeys of Life • One Per Month
  • Point of Care and Patient HealthJournals - Weekly and Daily Promotion of Therapeutic Topic
  • Newsletters
  • Social Media Assets
  • Events

White Label Content on 5,000 therapeutic topics branded by Local Healthcare Enterprises with Links to their Specialist

Mission-Critical Opportunities & Partnership Benefits

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