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StoryMD Publishing and Broadcast Consortium

The healthcare industry is a massive $11 trillion global market, with the US alone accounting for $4.1 trillion. StoryMD has set its sights on becoming the central hub for marketing in the health and wellness space by partnering with renowned publishers and broadcasters.

Through our state-of-the-art platform, we are well on our way to establishing ourselves as the foremost authority in the field of health and wellness. With a comprehensive and meticulously vetted medical library, top-quality multimedia content, and an expanding network of influential publishing and broadcasting partners, we are unparalleled in both the caliber of our content and the breadth of our reach.

We aim to serve as the go-to destination for media partners worldwide. Many of these partners are seeking to expand their offerings and generate greater revenue in the health and wellness sphere, and StoryMD is uniquely positioned to facilitate their access to this market through our extensive consortium. Our proprietary syndication technology allows us to provide media companies with a complete suite of content that can be promoted to their target audiences and for targeted events.

The consortium of publishing and broadcasting partners will collaborate with enterprises, government agencies, and advocacy groups to expand their user bases and initiatives. We offer these entities a range of sponsorship options, including epic health journeys, conferences, individual therapeutic topics, or customized collections of content.

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Partnering at the Local Level

StoryMD’s health and wellness content resonates universally, but we must always be cognisant that treatment is local. Therefore, StoryMD places great importance on partnering with local media organizations that can bridge the gap between their content and the reputable treatment resources available in the community they serve.

By doing so, StoryMD and its local media partners can tap into local healthcare marketing budgets while also delivering high-quality information to all healthcare service providers in the area. If you’re interested in becoming a media partner, please reach out to StoryMD to explore the possibilities.

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Media Distribution Partnership

Our content and technology, your audience and sponsors

StoryMD is offering external media organizations opportunities to offer their readers at the local level and optimal health journey by using StoryMD’s rich health and wellness content to enhance their journey, while allowing local healthcare enterprises to share knowledge of their services and ad dollars.

    Monetizable Assets

  • Story of the Day Landing Page
  • HealthJournals
  • Collections
  • Journeys

Story of the Day Landing Page

  • Shared Domain Display Ads
  • Complementary daily/weekly newsletter
  • StoryMD content promoted through daily social media


  • Monetize a single topic or diagnosis (HealthJournal) ranging from wellness to rehabilitation
  • Access to 3,500 HealthJournals (HJ) with over 40,000 articles, images, videos, and interactive tools on body systems, disorders, conditions, diagnostics, procedures, medications, and more


Highlight sponsor’s entire business portfolio with the ability to focus on individual segments via StoryMD collections


Companies can sponsor the entire Journey with title naming rights and ability to brand the entire Journey with their logo

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Other upcoming StoryMD content features will focus on important topics including sexual health, heart health, women’s health, and diabetes.

Get in touch today to explore how partnering with StoryMD can help you and your organization.

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