StoryMD’s Point of Care:
The first seamless educational tool from physician to patient and caregivers

Craft a seamless educational experience for your patients with StoryMD.

Our HealthJournals act as visually immersive guides to medical topics by combining videos, images, interactives, and authoritative information into a complete educational package. The POC versions are condensed units of learning that allow patients to grasp the fundamentals of their condition at the office, while the full version can be emailed for further reading at home. This creates a seamless experience for both patient and professional, saving time while optimizing comprehension.

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Getting Started with StoryMD Point of Care

What is a Point of Care HealthJournal?

A web-based educational tool that offers an in-depth exploration of a specific topic. Our Point of Care HealthJournal is designed with striking visualizations, carefully curated content, and user-friendly language to assist healthcare professionals in effectively communicating with their patients.

A Seamless Journey for Your Patient

Once the initial shock of the diagnosis wears off, patients can delve deeper into their medical condition with the help of StoryMD’s comprehensive HealthJournals. These longer-form versions contain a wealth of additional information beyond the condensed Point of Care versions, empowering patients to gain a thorough understanding of their condition, share the information with their loved ones and caretakers and make informed decisions about their care.