Corporate Sponsorship and Licensing

A branded educational ecosystem, complimented by an ecosystem of company usages

StoryMD is offering Corporate sponsors a unique opportunity to brand and license best-in-class educational content which then can then offer to healthcare providers who treat the conditions that are core to their business. By branding the educational ecosystem starting with the healthcare professional at the Point of Care your branding continues with the expanded patient focused HealthJournals that are forwarded to the patient and their caretakers. In addition the content can be embedded in the product website or into a URL of the sponsor’s choice. The content can then further be shared with investors, shown in booths at conferences and by CEO at business meetings or CSO at medical meetings.

  • Point of Care
  • Patient HealthJournals
  • Newsletters
  • Social Media Assets
  • Broadcast Quality Video
  • Journeys of Life Impact Events

Branded Point of Care HealthJournals

300 “Point of Care” (POC) HealthJournals presents a branding opportunity on the most comprehensive educational tool for physicians, patients and caregivers to navigate their conditions that is core to the company’s business. StoryMD’s Point of Care HealthJournals provide clinicians with the equivalent of a branded graphic novel on their patient’s condition. With clear, easy-to-understand visuals, videos, and health information, POC HealthJournals help patients understand their disease journey. These branded Point of Care HealthJournals are the first seamless connection of healthcare professional to patient, patient to caregiver.


  • Time Saver for HCP
  • Greater understanding and impact on Patient and caregiver
  • Email forwarding link from HCP to branded long form version to Patient and Caregivers

Branded Patient/Caregiver HealthJournals

Over 5,000 HealthJournals at your fingertips. Each HealthJournal is a comprehensive, easy-to-understand, visually-rich story on a particular topic and is made up of a carefully curated selection of images, interactives, videos, and up-to-date, scientifically accurate information. Brand, license and share select HealthJournals that are information rich on defining health conditions, causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, management and more.


  • Available at time the patient and caregivers are ready to understand
  • More visuals and greater detail than the POC
  • Links to +StoryMD Health to import and personalize the medical records

Stroke HealthJournal

Stroke HealthJournal articles

Journeys of Life Sponsorship and Licensing and Impact Events

StoryMD’s Journeys of Life provides a comprehensive suite of HealthJournals for corporations to sponsor and license an entire portfolio of products and promote an epic events in the health category critical to its core businesses.

For example: A Mother’s Journey guiding a woman through Infertility, IVF, Pregnancy to Postpartum, and Early Child Development. Over 750 HealthJournals Guiding a mother from preconception through the marvel of pregnancy, even in crisis and through to the child’s 5th Birthday.

+StoryMD Impact Conferences

A new type of conference where the attendees are dedicated and accountable to implementable solutions!

Join us for a transformative gathering of top leaders in health and wellness, as we come together to drive progress and innovation in the field. We’ll be bringing together a diverse group of industry experts, cutting-edge technology, and successful local health initiatives to create powerful partnerships and hold ourselves accountable for making a real impact on global health. With a focus on both practicality and inspiration, this is a must-attend event for anyone committed to making a difference in health and wellness.

  • Soul of Health - KOLs and past and future thought leaders who are selfless and effective implementing equity in healthcare from the local to the global.
  • Body in Health - Clinical and behavioral science of treatments and diagnostics that are revolutionizing healthcare and wellness from A to Z.
  • Wallet - Leaders who are generating noble acts in advancing individual and population health, and with an awareness of the need for fair and equitable reimbursement and profit.

US Conference / New York

International Conference / Athens

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