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Corporate Sponsoring of Journey's of Life

Get ready to witness the birth of a new era in health and wellness marketing!

In collaboration with its media partners, StoryMD’s engaging and comprehensive Journeys of Life provides a platform for corporations to sponsor epic events in the health category critical to its businesses. StoryMD's Journeys of Life Health provide unique opportunities to align sponsors’ businesses with content designed to improve well-being for all. If your company wants to make a lasting impression in the world of health and wellness, join us on StoryMD's Journeys of Life!

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Point of Care

“Point of Care” (POC) presents a branding opportunity on the most comprehensive educational tool for physicians, patients and caregivers to navigate their conditions that is core to the sponsor’s business.

StoryMD’s Point of Care HealthJournals provide clinicians with the equivalent of a branded graphic novel on their patient’s condition. With clear, easy-to-understand visuals, videos, and health information, POC HealthJournals help patients understand their disease journey. These branded Point of Care HealthJournals are the first seamless connection of healthcare professional to patient, patient to caregiver.

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