Leveraging AI technology across the platform

AI-Powered Search and Proprietary StoryMD Large Language Model (LLM)

With AI-powered search, StoryMD learns from data on users to automatically generate the most accurate and relevant search experiences. It feeds search queries through a proprietary large language model (LLM) to understand the intentions behind searches and serve personalized results for each person.

StoryMD’s AI-Driven StoryBlock Technology

StoryBlocks are the building blocks of +StoryMD Health — your Advanced Patient Portal.

StoryBlock technology builds on the existing Fast Health Interoperability Resources (FHIR) standard, allowing +StoryMD Health to seamlessly import information with any Electronic Health Record (EHR). Data received from the patient's EHR intelligently uses StoryMD's proprietary AI technology to map the StoryBlock content to your Advanced Patient Portal converting your medical records from indecipherable data to a story that you can understand and act on.

  • StoryBlocks are flexible, powerful collections of data blocks which transform code into Story.
  • StoryBlocks leverages Health Level Seven (HL7) - a set of international standards, formats and definitions that empowers global health data interoperability.
  • StoryBlocks employ proprietary AI technology to guide you on your Advanced Patient Portal and offer highly personalized health and wellness recommendations.

OCR and AI conversion of historical and PDF documents to Advanced StoryMD Patient Portal

The OCR (Optical Character Recognition) solution powered by StoryMD AI identifies and extracts data from analogue-based (paper or pdf) medical reports, translates it into StoryBlocks and delivers it to your Advanced Patient Portal.

Gen AI-powered search
Generative AI capabilities in search allow us to automatically and immediately summarize health information, freeing up time from sifting through search results to find the specific answer to your specific question: such as answering FAQs, finding step-by-step instructions or defining terms.

Journey of Life AI assistant
AI-powered assistant that provides PHJ users with AI-generated feedback and content recommendations based on their PHJ entries to help them succeed in their health and wellness goals.

Symptom checker AI
The symptom checker AI is a tool that evaluates the user's symptoms and helps them understand their health concerns. Using advanced AI technology, the system generates non-reviewed responses that are not intended to offer medical advice but rather to help users gain a better understanding of their symptoms and possible causes.