StoryMD’s Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

StoryMD’s library is powered by our DXP, a cohesive set of technologies designed to rapidly create, manage, curate, and deliver personalized, visually rich content experiences.

StoryMD’s unparalleled DXP is fully coded with over one million Health Level 7 codes (HL7n)) the globally accepted set of clinical standards and messaging formats that provide a framework for the management, integration, exchange, and retrieval of electronic information across different healthcare systems. Our coded lab reports, diseases, conditions, vaccines, and drugs, map our content to your medical record, converting your record into a visually rich and easily understood story, while eliminating the incomprehensible hieroglyphics that presently represent our medical data.

In addition, the StoryMD DXP coding system is a vast and powerful creative curatorial platform that in combination with its proprietary visual editor can rapidly create, design and publish new medical information. Our advanced DXP Technology has enabled StoryMD to scale our library into one of the largest visually-driven health and wellness libraries in the world.

StoryMD proprietary DXP features:

  • Workflow and Publishing Controls
  • Content Versioning
  • Visual Editor
  • Multilingual Support
  • Tiered Permissions
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Smart Tagging
  • Rapid development and formatting of multi-topic newsletters and social media posts.