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We are tackling every major healthcare topic with StoryMD Journeys of Life.

StoryMD recognizes that a personal health journey is just that - personal. We are all on different health journeys and have different personal health needs. +StoryMD Health allows users to track their health story, but it’s StoryMD Journeys of Life that unlock real understanding of our personal health journey. These epic repositories of health information contain specially curated material relating to a host of broad topics and key health stories. A Mother’s Journey is only the first in a series of initiatives that will deconstruct and explain the intricacies of life’s greatest health challenges. On the horizon are exciting new Journeys including Defeating Cancer, Reversing Heart Disease and Improving Heart Health, and Taming Mental Health.

All of our StoryMD’s Journeys are available to view now on StoryMD.

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David is on a Diabetes Journey.

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Other upcoming StoryMD content features will focus on important topics including sexual health, heart health, women’s health, and diabetes.