A personal health library that is unique to you

At StoryMD, we understand that every user is unique and has specific needs. That’s why we have developed “My Library” - an all-in-one suite of personalized tools designed to help users tailor their StoryMD experience to their individual preferences. With “My Library,” you can easily access, collect and/or share the content that matters most to you.

Create your own health and wellness "Collection"

Every health story is personal, and StoryMD allows the user to create a personalised experience through following curated collections and Journeys and creating their own collections in their library.

Users may also create their own HealthJournals through the use of StoryMD Author to share with friends and family.

Tell your own story by creating HealthJournals in "StoryMD Author"

In this world, there are countless storytellers, from doctors who explain your health conditions to school nurses, students working on science projects, veterinarians, and dental hygienists, to list a few. However, not everyone has the tools they need to become a powerful storyteller. That’s where “StoryMD Author” comes in. Our free intuitive visual editing tool is designed to level the playing field and promote health equity by empowering individuals, institutions, healthcare providers, journalists, bloggers, advocacy groups, and governments a voice.

With StoryMD Author’s cutting-edge visual editing tools and vast library of resources, you’ll have everything you need to create visually stunning and engaging HealthJournals that are in your unique voice. Whether you’re a seasoned storyteller or just starting out, our platform makes it simple to craft and share stories that matter to you and your audience. Whether you’re sharing personal experiences, explaining complex medical concepts, or advocating for policy change, StoryMD Author enables you to tell your story with impact and creativity, giving voice to your ideas and experiences, while connecting with others in a powerful and meaningful way.

Always have easy access to your "History" - even if you haven’t saved it to your "Collections"

Have you ever found yourself struggling to recall a previously visited HealthJournal? It can be frustrating to have a vague memory of an important piece of information, but not know where to find it. That’s where locally stored browsing history comes in handy. By storing information about your StoryMD browsing activity, you can easily rediscover lost HealthJournals that you may have forgotten about.

With StoryMD History, this process is made even easier. Our platform tracks your browsing activity and enables you to quickly and conveniently navigate to frequently visited HealthJournals. Whether you’re trying to refresh your memory or simply want to access your favorite resources faster, StoryMD History is the optimal tool for rapid review.